Magic Paul, Children’s Magician for hire in Northamptonshire and Surrounding Areas

Paul’s Young Adult Parties

These parties are suitable for smaller parties of older children who would enjoy a more involved and direct magical experience.

Recommended for children aged between 9 and 18. Parents of children aged between 3 and 10 should definitely consider Paul’s Magic Party Packages especially designed for that age range.

1 – A 45 minute intimate close-up magic show.

Everyone sits round a table as Paul demonstrates his world class magical skills with cards, coins, mobile phones, rings, forks, elastic bands – in fact anything he finds. This is an interactive session where the magic happens in peoples hands, right under their noses and he’s yet to be caught yet!

2 – A 45 minute teaching session.

Paul will teach everyone some magic effects, concentrating on the elements which make magic ‘real’. Misdirection, timings, character, importance of rehearsal, building the skill set etc. Everyone will leave with magic they can perform in the real word and fool everyone every time (with some practice!).

3 – A short show.

Paul will finish the session by performing a mini show where the birthday child will make a real, live bunny rabbit appear with the wave of a wand.

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