Magic Paul, Children’s Magician for hire in Northamptonshire and Surrounding Areas

Magic Paul’s Magical Guarantee

Magic Paul GUARANTEES your children will have a memorable and fun filled party.

That means if the children don’t have fun, and if you don’t think the party was everything I promised, and you tell me at the end of the party, you won’t owe me a penny!

This offer has yet to be taken up!

How can Paul offer this? Because over many years of experience, working with, and teaching children of all ages and abilities, Paul has perfected a process for engaging and gently controlling children so that they have maximum fun and enjoyment from each party.

Their reward for participation and engagement is that they perform actual magic. They do it when Magic Paul can’t. This is a magical moment to watch.

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Prices are less than you'd expect for guaranteed 5* entertainment for your party.

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Or you can ring for a chat. 07958229060

There's never a hard sell, so there's nothing to lose!

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