Kids party ideas

It can be a daunting task to organise a children’s party. Here are some ideas to help you along the way.



Magicians are a fantastic way to entertain children. A great magician can leave your child with life long memories.

I would recommend a magician for any children from 3 to 15. Some older children think they’re too ‘cool’ for a magician but most  magicians work with children and adults and can wow even the most cynical spectator.

Some magicians also offer the following:

  • Party games
  • Balloon modelling
  • Disco
  • Party bags
  • Invitations

So do ask.

I would love to be the magician at your party but if you’d rather go with someone else, no worry. I have lots of contacts and have collected over the years a list of the best entertainers at all price levels. Please feel free to ask be using the details provided and I’d love to help.

Themed entertainers

The themed entertainment business is very large for children. The current Frozen phase is now dying out and minions are still very popular! There are many who can come and entertain at themed parties as characters. Here are some of the services they can provide:

  • Make up parties
  • Science parties – a fantastic way to have fun and learn at the same time
  • Build a bear parties
  • Sound-a-likes, singing songs and dancing
  • Photo opportunities
  • Themed games with themed prizes
  • Discos
  • X factor type parties

There are some things to look out for though. Please ask about:

  • Previous testimonials / referrals
  • Public liability insurance
  • Other services they provide alongside their theme. The theme may or may not be interesting enough to keep your children entertained for two hours!

There are so many ideas for trips. Be sure to check Google for more. Here’s some I’ve come up with:

  • Recording studio or music video experience
  • Baking and decorating cakes
  • Pottery party where children make and decorate their own plates, mugs etc.
  • Build a bear parties
  • Farm visits
  • Entertainment parks
  • Swim parties
  • Forrest walk parties with picnics and fun activities

There are some things to look out for with any entertainer or party event planner. Please make sure you ask them about:

  • Non elimination games. This makes sure all children are playing at all times.
  • Previous testimonials / referrals
  • Public liability insurance
  • Other services offered


CRB used to be a way of checking that a person had a clean record with children’s offences at the time of the check.

CRB has now been replaced by DBS which is a completely new system. In almost all cases, a DRB check is no longer required for a children’s entertainer. More details can be found here.

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