I’ve created this page as a response to requests for a DBS certificate.

I should first point out that with these checks it’s you the employer who would have a duty to check me the employee. I’m not allowed to check myself.

However, I am sure you have the best interests of the children at heart but being DBS checked isn’t just a discretionary thing – the process and criteria are set out in law and current legislation does not allow most children’s entertainers to be checked because we don’t meet the strict criteria. To comply we’d need to be working ‘unsupervised’ or ‘regularly’ with the same group of children. The scheme’s definition of regularly is once a week or more, or for 4 or more days in a 30-day period.

I’m more than happy to undergo a criminal records check. Often I feel it would be the easier option if everybody was eligible. However, as a responsible, professional business operator, I’m very aware that I do not fall under the scope of these checks and that it would be against the law for both me and you to carry one out.

Ofsted have also said they updated schools recently on DBS checking of visitors.

They reiterated that visitors and visiting staff who do not have unsupervised regular access to children – are not eligible for a DBS check.

I apologise if this comes across in a lecturing way – I just want us both to stay on the right side of the law. You’ll appreciate I want to avoid being complicit in illegal activity.

Once again I am more than happy to undergo a check if my position meets the criteria which on this occasion I’m certain it doesn’t. However, if you’re still unsure

I’d suggest you seek clarification from DBS themselves – details below.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

I trust that all helps.

DBS contact details:


Telephone: 0870 909 0811

You can get in contact here

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